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Pizza Post

April 16th, 2008

I’m having way too much fun writing for Rapid Growth – and now I’ve even got renewed interest in writing all around. See, I am even writing on my blog! As was the case when I wrote my mac’n'cheese article for Rapid Growth, I have been getting a bunch of feedback from my pizza article. What are they saying? They’re saying -

…Try Rinaldi’s Pizza on Diamond & Fulton (especially if you need a quick slice!) I honestly live less than a mile from it and (shame on me!) have never tried it! That’s on my future pizza short list…

…Go to Big Bobs (in EGR)! I’m a big fan of Big Bob’s calzone – it’s really not good for you to try to eat a whole thing in one sitting. It’s gigantic! But it sure is yummy when it’s piping hot and it’s not bad for leftovers either. Everyone who wrote mentioned meatballs as their favorite topping. So to me in order of importance, I would rate this one sauce, crust, toppings. But it sounds like I should try the meatballs and I may rearrange the importance!

And it’s been mentioned that ice cream is the perfect chaser for pizza and Jersey Junction IS right across the street!

The only reason I didn’t review Big Bobs in my article was that I’m consistently frustrated with their wait staff. They are really lackadaisical – they really don’t seem to care whether I’m there or not. And when I called to order ahead yet eat in there – in a time crunch – one night last month, they wouldn’t simply put a pizza in the oven for me to have ready when I arrived – even with my credit card!

Truly I can’t handle hassle when I order food from a local place. That’s one of the reasons that local places are my choice – I like that they’re flexible, they’re fun-loving, care that they’re at work. If an employee at my place acts like they don’t want to be here, I’ll send them home. It’s a good reason for owners and managers to be around and aware and willing to say “what’s up today” or if it’s a chronic problem, get rid of them. No small business can afford staff that doesn’t care. Anyway, enough of my service rant, they’re lucky that they have good food…

One Response to “Pizza Post”

  1. Amy Ruis Says:

    I’m going to comment on my own post because it was mentioned that I was maybe a little “harsh” about the service at Big Bobs. I won’t dwell on it any further than this moment but someone reviewed it for On-the-Town and said the same thing but with these words, “Our server could have benefited from charm school lessons (or at least faked a smile), but perhaps it was an “off” day for her.” It was nice for this writer to give her the benefit of the doubt but she probably shouldn’t. Big Bobs, I want to love coming in there but I feel like an anchovy must often feel – unwanted!

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