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Local Food Blogs

August 12th, 2009

No, I didn’t say lo-cal food blogs…just ones I could find locally.  I wrote an article for Rapid Growth Media that will be online this Thursday that presents all the blogs we could find on the subject of food in the Grand Rapids area.  As the article says, I was stunned to note how few blogs there are!

It doesn’t make sense because there is a lot of choice for us here in Grand Rapids and surrounds – over what we eat, where we eat, how we eat it…and I know there are opinionated people around!

But it also makes sense to me in that this city of  “doers” we are all far too busy to talk about where we ate or what we cooked AND then blog about it.  But I know we’re cooking and eating out and it would be nice to know more about how people feel about fresh, local, restaurants and such.  From time to time I actually feel inspired to do one but then I can’t even find moments to write on THIS blog and then I don’t.

I have loved reading the skinny on happenings and outings at restaurants and why people will or will not go back.

Enjoy and I’d love to hear your opinion on why there aren’t more blogs ~ and I’d also love to hear it if you have one and I can’t find it!  I’ll update the post as I hear of new things – as I already have!

Crumbles Cupcakery – I haven’t had one of these delicious cupcakes yet but here’s the scoop – and some talk on local products!

9 Responses to “Local Food Blogs”

  1. Trevor Mauk Says:

    Hey Amy, thanks for the kind words! In one of your pictures, I noticed a bottle of Lois Greuner Veltliner in a basket. Thats a great bottle of wine for the price. I’m shocked that the varietal hasn’t taken off more (you can still get an exceptional bottle for $20-$30). It must be the Austria factor.

  2. amy ruis Says:

    Yes, Austrian wines aren’t that “cool” yet. But they’re getting there. When we call that Gruner Veltliner “Groovy” around here well sell more of it :) We’ve got the Lois on the shelf right now for about $12. it was $16 just last week but we got a deal for a week or two.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Hi Amy,

    I loved your article and immediately checked out a few of the sites. I also write for RG and am a big fan of your store. In addition to a personal blog, I write a food column called Four Forks for the fitness website Bodies in Motivation. The site is not local (based in Seattle), but I have a farm share at Trillium Haven here in town, and I’ve written a bit recently about what I’m doing with all that produce.

    Thanks for the new local foodie info! (And Trevor, I completely agree with your site’s take on The Winchester. Very cool place, but also: So Loud! I met some friends there and we could literally not hear each other speak. I asked my server to turn down the music twice – something I have never, ever done before – and still it was too loud in there. I don’t see how a baby or two could possibly make a difference.)

  4. Sherry Smith-Noble Says:

    I write food articles for the ( I love to bake, and I post my favorite recipes on this site. I also have a food blog ( on which I post recipes, tips, and hints, which ties into the Examiner articles.

  5. Owen Snapp Says:

    I moved to GR two years ago for school and since then I’ve really loved what Grand Rapids has to offer food wise, I think its on its way to becoming an actual foodie city! (fingers crossed) I’ve been writing a blog for a while, baking and cooking are the only things keeping me sane while I get through Business school… haha. If you have a chance Check it out.

  6. Bryan Esler Says:

    Grand Rapids Grub just recently launched, and serves as a website completely devoted to serving the West Michigan area. A collaboration between myself and Rob Kirkbride, we also give travel ideas, and let “foodies” know of the latest events that are happening in the area.

    Check it out –

  7. Michele Hand Says:

    Hey Amy! I have a good friend, Joy Lawrence who is into the food blog scene here in GR. Art of the Table is even mentioned quite a few times in it! You can visit her here:

  8. Ron Says:

    Keep these coming ;)

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