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out for dinner

February 1st, 2010

It seems I’ve been way too busy for much of much – I seem to begin things and can’t complete them – including my thoughts! That’s why I haven’t blogged much lately and haven’t had an opportunity to just sit and write, as I enjoy.

Tonight I kindly went and picked out colors for Steve’s “project house” with him (and may I add we didn’t argue at all!) and he kindly took me out to dinner at my choice. My choice? Tonight I had a hankerin’ for the Green Well. We hadn’t been to the Green Well in probably – oh – 6 months. No offense to Green Well, I was busy getting ready for Christmas, having the Christmas season and now recuperating from the Christmas season while getting ready for the next 4 major holidays and seasons! (And I still haven’t gotten my taxes ready!)

My other excuses are that there are just so many other great restaurants sprouting up around our fine Uptown area that I’ve had to try them too. Yay for the Winchester and yay for the Electric Cheetah and Yay for Corez. Yum.

Back to the Green Well. It’s comfort food, it’s comfortable and I always get treated well. It’s a happy place!
Tonight Steve had their house brew, Drip-a-licious, made by Shorts Brewery up in Bellaire, MI. It was darker in color but it came off as something so delish that even I could drink it! It tasted of roast coffee and toffee and lasted a long time in the mouth. I was thinking maybe we should start blending our own Shorts brews, I’ll have to come up with a recipe for creativity on that one. I had a decent glass of something white from Australia. Usually I pay attention but I was too enraptured by the beer & food to remember its name.

Steve had the “Bowling Alley Sizzler”, much better than anything EVER found in a bowling alley! Verbatim from the menu: “Kobe sirloin•loaded mashed potatoes•beer battered onion rings•roasted mushrooms•grilled broccoli•Green Well steak sauce” and mine? Heavenly I say, heavenly! “Southern Clam Bake” was in my bowl. It was a very flavorful blend of “beer steamed clams•mussels•shrimp•sausages•potatoes•
sweet potatoes•corn•tomatoes•Cajun sweet corn broth” that I sopped up quite literally every last slurp with my sourdough toast served alongside.

Oh how I love food and dwelling on it with others who care about food.
If you ever want to tell us about recent restaurant experiences, we’re here to listen. I absolutely love love to hear about restaurant experiences and what you’ve enjoyed.

Thank you Green Well for another fine meal and

2 Responses to “out for dinner”

  1. Mary Says:

    Agreed! I really enjoy the Green Well, too. Actually, I have a lot of respect for what the Essence Restaurant Group does in general. Bistro Bella Vita, I believe, is by far one of the best restaurants in Grand Rapids. I recently took my mother out to lunch there and took advantage of their wonderful “Pasta Pronto” – a delectable 3 course meal for $11.99. How can you beat that?

  2. hve Says:

    Love Green Well! I came across an article in which you asked for other food blogging sites, so I thought I’d share this one. Thank you!

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