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what we do

we pick out the good stuff

We are a specialty retail shop full of gourmet foods like olive oils, cheese & chocolate, tabletop accessories like placemats, candles and serving pieces, and also cool, smaller batch wines, beers & liquors. We specialize in things that you can’t find just anywhere.

We carry only products we’re confident in and have tried and enjoyed ourselves…like what?

Victory Hop Devil

Victory Hop Devil

We carry beverages from smaller, family owned wineries and micro-breweries.

We carry linens that wash well, don’t shrink up and fade like some.

We carry candles that won’t cause your walls to fill with soot because ours contain quality wax and non-leaded wicks.
And though it’s impossible for us to always buy local, we try to buy local products whenever it “fits”.  We have world class natural peanut butter that is made here in Grand Rapids!

We have over 200 food & decor items made locally.  From cheese, wine, beer, vodka, art, potholders, serving pieces and chocolate! 

Steady Sticks

Steady Sticks

As Art of the Table grows, we hope to keep introducing people to entertaining & eating well, helping

Bubbies Dill Pickles

Bubbies Dill Pickles

people know that they don’t have to be ultra-fussy but can create gatherings with friends and we can help them find the products to eat, drink and decorate with! We think that if you are encouraged to think about what to eat and how to pair it with wine or beer or with like foods, it can be fun. We also think that if your table looks great, your guests will have a better time and feel important in your midst.

That’s all for us, now it’s about you.

we make custom gift baskets

From rare wines and artisan cheeses to artful glassware, Art of the Table has one of the most unusual gift selections in all of Grand Rapids. When we dress up your gifts, there’s no extra charge for the wrapping, ribbons or gift tags.

a gift basket

If you’re interested in receiving one of our gift guides, please contact us.

Our staff has plenty of ideas to get your creative juices flowing, because whatever the occasion, no matter your budget, we can create personal, one-of-a-kind gift baskets for one, or even one hundred, of your closest friends.

At Art of the Table, we believe that the best gift is a reflection of the person who gives it as well as the person who receives it. For that reason, we pride ourselves in working with you to ensure that each gift is as unique as the person you’re giving it to.

When it comes to corporate gifts, we’re all business. finding unique gifts for clients and staff can be a taxing task. We’re elated so many area businesses have turned to Art of the Table to solve their corporate gift giving needs. Whether it’s holiday gifts, thank you gifts to clients or retreat goody bags, we will work with you to create meaningful gifts perfect for your needs.

We strive to be creative and sometimes we don’t even use baskets. We’ve created themed gifts for paella-loving customers using paella pans. We’ve also used bowls, boards and even books or boxes as the “base” for our custom gift baskets.

Custom Gift Basket - Summer Shower

Custom Gift Basket – Summer Shower

Of course, you can choose each and every item that goes into your gift baskets, or you can leave it in our creative, capable hands, because however you’d like your gift basket assembled, it’s our pleasure to do so.

In-town delivery and shipping are available, please call 616.301.1885 for details.

we host tastings

We love to taste good things, and we want you to experience them too, so we are continually giving you in-store opportunities to meet the experts and learn from our experiences.  We have daily food samplings using products we sell, and we host other fun events like knife sharpening and knife skills classes.

Off-site at least twice a month we partner with local restaurants to give you a chance to try beverages you probably haven’t had a chance to try before. We take the idea that you might enjoy learning while sipping, so we choose a theme like “New World Reds” where we choose 6 different wines from the US, Australia or Chile for example and we sit down to compare.

Every tasting is a different theme and our events calendar gives a glimpse of the current lineup. We encourage you attend on your own or with small groups of friends, book clubs that have just read a book on wine, couples celebrating an anniversary or simply just an excuse for a fun evening out. Tastings always include some food from the restaurant and range from $20-40 depending on the theme.

We really like to be laid back about things.  However, we and the restaurant go through a lot of effort and expense planning and executing a wine tasting.  We won’t bore you with the details of that, however, here’s what we need and promise:

We promise:

  • A really informative and enjoyable (never snobby or pretentious) tasting
  • 6 excellent & amazing wines/beer/liquor
  • Some arrangement of cheese/crackers/fruit along with another plated appetizer
  • The cost of the event will be as posted on our website plus tax & gratuity.

We hate to be particular but we need:

  • Sign up ahead of time.  Sometimes we can accept signups the day of, but often we’re booked soon after information comes out.  Give a call at 616.301.1885 to sign up.
  • Your name, phone number and e-mail
  • A credit card number.  We will not charge your card at sign up; if you show up, you will pay at the restaurant.  If you do not show up,  we reserve the right to charge you for your tasting.  If you are signing up for friends as well, you may choose to have them call with their own card so you don’t get charged in case of their absence.  Cancellations must be received at least 24hours prior to the event in order to not be charged.

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