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Beverages are flowing at Art of the Table!

May 30th, 2011

We’re in full swing of our new schedule of wine & beer tasting events.  Join us!

It’s June, and that means Thursdays are for wine tasting!

Every Thursday in June we’ll be uncorking sample bottles to let you taste wines!  Our June theme is a bubbly, white & red.  Each Thursday one of each will be opened from a specific country. Come in each Thursday and learn by taste!

June 2 ~ Spain: Bubbly, White & Red

June 9 ~ Argentina: Bubbly, White & Red

June 16 ~ France: Bubbly, White & Red

June 23 ~ Italy: Bubbly, White & Red

June 30 ~ USA: Bubbly, White & Red


It’s June, and that means Fridays are for beer tasting!
Fridays in June we’ll be flipping open those sample bottles to let you taste beers:

June 10 ~ Local Ciders: Black Star Farms from Traverse City & Goldfinch Cider from Ada!

June 17 ~ Brooklyn Brewery

June 24 ~ Lagunitas Brewery

June 29 ~ Dark Horse Brewing Co.

All tastings from 4-8pm on their respective dates!


Wine Tastings for the Fall and beyond (i can’t say winter)

August 4th, 2009

Art of the Table is attempting to be the tasting capital of Grand Rapids this fall.  This is only the beginning, we have about 3 other beverage tastings up our sleeves before the end of the year AND we have food tastings and classes and sharpenings in the works too…we want you to be able to clear your calendar for the following dates to join us at a wine or beer tasting at restaurants around town. (Some still say TBA, as in to be announced, but the dates are set in stone.)

All of our tastings include 6 generous ‘pours’ of wine, we don’t skimp like at some tastings.  We also offer friendly banter, education about the wines and hopefully new found wine friends.  All tastings have crackers, cheese & fruit and also a plated appetizer to pair with one of the wines.

We request that you sign up ahead of time – as soon as possible as some tastings sell out.  Starting this fall, we must ask that when you call you leave a credit card number with us to confirm your reservations.  If you need to cancel, we ask for 24 hours prior notice; we will not charge it unless you’re a no show – in which case the restaurant will charge you for your tasting.

Wednesday, August 12    Spanish Values $25* @ Republic ~ 45 South Division

As Spain continues to make great strides in wine, we continue to make great strides in bringing those delicious Spanish wine values to your table. Our love for Spanish values tonight will cover you in a cloud of joy and will include a cava (bubbly), two whites, a rose and two reds. It’s time to select some of these for your everyday drinkers. Expect wines from $9-16 retail.

Wednesday, September 9    Zinfandel Rocks the World! $30* @ Republic ~ 45 South Division

Still I can’t figure out the ratio of Zin vs. Zin-no-way people in this world. For me, I enjoy a zin for sipping in the nighttime. People tend to love it or laugh at it. We’re talking about red colored Zinfandels. Zinfandels tend to be big in the berry department – more jammy, velvety and sometimes total sugar bombs! Zinfandels also tend to be higher in alcohol and overstated (and that could be an understatement!) Then again, Zins can be big yet elegant and regal. Tonight we’ll try a Primitivo or two from Italy (aka Zin) and some of our favorite Zins from the west coast as well. Be prepared to fall in love!

Wednesday, September 30    Oktoberfest Beer Tasting $25* @ Graydon’s Crossing ~ 1223 Plainfield NE

Feel the fall in the air? It’s going to force you into a whole new plane of beer. Try out this years coolest new fall finds for the cooler and features at Graydon’s Crossing. 7 beers in your face along with some foods of fantastic fall folly.

Wednesday, October 7    Mystery Winemaker Tasting!                                 $TBA


Keep your eyes peeled for details on this evening.  We are hosting a winemaker, one of those true ‘garragistas’ (yes, those who make wine basically in a garage, they’re that small!) We can’t yet tell you the details but when we can, oh you’ll know!

Friday, October 23     Anniversary Tasting  $TBA @ TBA

It’s hard to believe but it’s going to be six years in October that we have been in existence…and we are throwing a party! This party will be unlike our ‘regular’ tastings in that we will have tables set up with our beer & wine distributor reps and their (and our) favorite beers & wines amongst them. You’ll be able to walk around and peruse different selections and chat with people who know a lot about what you’re sipping – or noshing – on! Normally we have the restaurant make tons of food but this year, in addition, you’ll be having a taste of Art of the Table foods!  Appetizers & desserts from Chef Kate Leeder (also Art of the Table gal) will give you a chance to taste SO many of the items we carry on our shelves on a daily basis. From sauces and dips to chips and crackers to cheeses and meats and delightful little chocolates & such. Tickets will be sold to this event and must be prepaid.   Please contact us via phone to purchase after September 1.

Wednesday, November 18    How do you spell T-U-R-K-E-Y? $25* @ TBA

When you think turkey, do you think about white wines like Riesling and Gewurtztraminer? Or do you think red wines like Beaujolais and Pinot Noir? Are you ready to test your taste buds with some turkey and six wines we choose? We’re thinking about doing this one ‘blind’ (wine in bags, analysis by vision and taste – but not vision of the label.) This way the turkey and the wine will refine your ideas for what to serve on that day, the day we will all indulge in food and give thanks.

Wednesday, December 2     BFR (aka Big Fat Reds) $35* @ TBA

It’s kind of a Bradford/Art of the Table tradition. Big Fat Reds, first Wednesday in December. Can’t be messed with. Once it was messed with and it fell flat. A few times we picked the wrong restaurant where it was loud. Another time someone picked all old world wines. This year, we are hoping for perfection. First Wednesday, a quieter locale, some wines from the old world, but mostly from the new. The rule always is that they have to be red. And big. And fat. And they will be delicious.

Wednesday, December 9     Bubbles of the World $35* @ University Club

Champagne is a place, they make bubbles that you may call Champagne. All others are bubbly – made either in the “methode Champenoise” or not. Bubbles can be called cava, prosecco or sparkling wines. They are also available in clear, a yellowish hue, pink or red. Join us as we venture around the world with bubbles and some fine bubble pairings.

Wednesday, December 16     Bubbles from True Farmers of the World $50* @ University Club

Champagne is a place, they make bubbles that you may call Champagne. All of the bubbles tonight are from French farmers. The French farmers that make these bubbles really care about their bubbles in a serious way. That’s why they are all impressive and well, just lovely. You’ll never spend the Dom Perignon dollars yet you’ll get twice the bang for your buck. If you haven’t tried the real deal, tonight is for you. We will honor you with super special stuff and great food pairings as well.

Wednesday, January 13     Values for Fireside Chats $20* @ TBA

For our first tasting of the year, we thought we’d give you value and cozy all wrapped up in one. Stunning wines for their price, we will focus in on things that make your January a happier, cozier one.

Monday, Feb 15     Do you still love me? (Monday after Valentines tasting) $45* @ TBA

It’s a dinner. And a tasting. A pairing of sorts. And it WILL be romantic. Or at least sort of. You may come on your own too, no kissy face here. More details will be arriving

Beers for springtime

May 4th, 2006

It’s beer mail time again and new in the store this week:

Old Curmudgeon Old Ale from Founders Brewery in good ‘ol Grand Rapids, Michigan is here at a rate going for $3.15 per and $12.60 for four.

This Old Ale conjures up thoughts of classic seafaring ports, their local pubs, and the weathered fisherman that frequent them. In traditional style, Curmudgeon is brewed with an intense focus on the malt bill, creating a very strong and rich malty characteristic and a sweetness indicative of its cousin, the Barley Wine. Displaying exceptional balance, this is deceptively smooth and drinkable at 9.3% ABV. Try this alongside beef flautas with black bean puree, roasted pepper salsa and cilantro-tequila cream.

Not to be outdone, New Holland Brewery out of Holland, Michigan presents their Blue Goat Dopplebock in a 22oz. format available for sale at seven dollars and yes, a nickel.

Blue Goat is a tribute to the perseverance and billy goat toughness of those charged with the mission of bringing beer to the people. Many charismatic, resourceful people and countless pieces of quirky equipment have endured endless challenges to exceed humble expectations.

Art of the Table is all about these people and thusly we say, “For all you do, this Blue Goat’s for you.” And so you know . . . .Blue Goat Dopplebock is chestnut in color with a nutty malt profile from its signature Munich malt. A muted hop presence and smooth caramelized body culminate in a clean, dry finish. 9.0%ABV

Enjoy with grilled lavash pizza with spicy humus, grilled eggplant, feta, red chili oil and fresh mint.

Besides our star beers of the week, we’ve got some oldies but goodies back:

  • New Holland’s Zoomer Wit
  • Hoegaarden
  • Smithwicks
  • Founders’ Rubaeus
  • UFO Hefeweizen

Enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather!

Amy & Mike

Got Fruit?

April 27th, 2006

…you’ll want it for your beer…

Dark Horse Raspberry Ale, Marshall, MI, $1.75 each or $10.50 for six

This Michigan brewery makes really interesting brews, always with a twist on tradition. Their raspberry ale is first and foremost, not sweet. At 5.5% abv, this is a medium-bodied unfiltered pale ale made with real raspberries, so while fruity, it’s also a serious beer. Perfectly refreshing, try this on a warm day after mowing the lawn, or pair it with grilled snapper tacos with chipotle crema and salsa fresca.

Ace Pear Cider, California Cider Co., Sebastopol, CA, $3.50 each (large format bottle)

One of our favorites here at the store, Ace Pear is actually a hard apple cider with 100% natural pear juice added to it. This is sweet and jumps out of the glass with aromas of freshly cut pears. Light and eminently quaffable, this is one of those that you either love or don’t especially care for. At Art of the Table we’re all about the love. Try this with spicy shrimp tamales with roasted tomatillo sauce and goat cheese, you’ll be surprised.

If you’re into your love for the fizzy fruit, you should know that it doesn’t end there.

Amazingly there are ciders from France, England, Canada, Michigan…waiting to quench your thirst. Apricot beer, purple haze (raspberry “beer”), lambics…

Ask any of our staff to show you the whole shelf of ciders in our vintage cooler!

Happy beering!

Mike, the beer boy & Amy, “Love those wheat beers” owner

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