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Asparagus! A farmer’s market/open house/Stalkumentary and meet the director!

May 20th, 2009

Back when Asparagus! The Stalkumentary was first released, I went to the Wealthy Theatre to view it.  I was intrigued by it then because my business was new and I was getting into the ‘foodie’ scene.  I knew right away through friends that one of the producers & directors of this 53-minute film was Kirsten Kelly, a fellow Calvin grad, who grew up in Oceana County on an asparagus farm – so she knows firsthand how this all goes.

After viewing the film I was provoked to follow it, because WOW – it was funny, sad, politically angering (even though I profess to not care about politics!) and truly eye-opening!  It took a while for it to move through all of the film festivals and such (and very respected ones like Harvard’s The Food Literacy Project) to make its way to mainstream sales and video.  Since it came out on video I’ve been selling it in the store.  It’s $24.95 retail.  Recently it made its way to our local PBS station GVSU and I know more people have now seen it.

However, I know you all haven’t seen this movie.  That would be impossible.  And being as excited as I am about eating local, about eating asparagus in many different forms and about promoting Wealthy Street, I couldn’t help but want to promote this movie to a wider audience.  Did I mention what a fabulous person the director, Kirsten, is too?  She is passionate about asparagus and she will be in the house to talk about these tall green stalks of veggie.  Join us!

So here it is, Art of the Table sponsors a local asparagus festival!

Asparagus: A stalkumentary


Please join us for a local asparagus festival

featuring an open house of samples and information

as well as a screening of the film

& a Q&A session with producer

and director, Kirsten Kelly!

The feature is a captivating & award winning short film which brings to reality the joys and struggles

of Oceana County, Michigan farmers.

The film is described by NY Magazine as “oddly brilliant” as well as “powerful, disturbing, political and yet highly enjoyable!” by local viewers.

Where? Wealthy Theatre @ 1130 Wealthy Street SE

When? Wednesday, June 3

6-7:30pm open “asparagus” house with food sampling, local stores & farmer appearances *see list below*

7:30-9pm film & discussion

Cost? Only $10, all proceeds go to the Wealthy Street Business Alliance!

Advance tickets (recommended) available online @

and tickets will be available at the door.

Open House booths include:

  • Mrs. Asparagus ‘89 and Mrs. Asparagus Runner-up ‘89
  • Brick Road Pizza samples – asparagus pizza
  • Electric Cheetah samples — asparagus bruschetta
  • The Sparrows samples—asparagus crepes
  • Amy Sherman of Slow Food West Michigan samples—asparagus soup
  • The Winchester samples something delectable
  • Art of the Table—store products related to gardening & I heart asparagus “schwag”
  • West Michigan Co-op will promote local farmers
  • Literary Life Bookstore— featuring books on asparagus and local eating
  • Local First – a presence to promote Local First’s foodie members
  • Food for Thought magazine will hand out free copies of its local foodie magazine
  • Asparagus preservation demo by Joy-Elizabeth Lawrence

…and more to come!

Join us – it’s a great way to experience local food & fun & education all at the same time! And supporting the WSBA isn’t a bad idea either!  Hope to see you there!

April 13th, 2009

Inspire me!

Inspire me!

In about a week, I’m taking off for a land I’ve never before visited.  My husband goes rather frequently for work and has thoroughly enjoyed his jaunts to China in the last few years.  He is again going for work and insists that I will love this place too.

After some hesitation over it, I arrived at some ways in which I could use this trip as ‘work’ for me.  Before his work begins, we will be traveling to Hong Kong to experience this ‘foodie’ paradise everyone speaks of.  Then because I can’t resist the experience, we will be going to the Canton Fair, one of the larger housewares shows in the world.

I am not a big fan of the Chinese import stuff, though we do sell some, I’m actually going to experience this show as just that, an experience.  To know what’s out there, how it’s done – because I’m in no position to start buying containers of stuff!  I’ve been there, done that on someone else’s dime!

Further, I’m going to a cooking school while there and learning some Asian cooking techniques.  Apparently this ‘school’ is in a home and taught by a well respected expert in Hutong cuisine.  I can’t wait.  We’ll be going to a market with her and then learning techniques, cooking food and the best part?  Eating it!

Tonight I took a peek at one of the blogs I love to read and it talked about a cookbook we sell entitled the Asian Grill.  I’m pretty excited to start cooking out of it when I come home from China.

Watch my blog over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to keep you posted from China on store happenings AND China!!

Stuffing the stocking

December 23rd, 2008

We’re in the countdown to Christmas and frankly for most this means a frenzy of preparing for family, holiday meals, checking the list twice – and that’s when you realize that monumental task of stuffing stockings for your adult children or significant other is still looming.

That’s why we’re really excited for you that there is time left to shop for real stocking stuffers.
I say real because I truly believe we have some stocking stuffers that will be used in the upcoming year. I mean, who can’t use a mini shopping bag, a mini cranberry chutney for the next cocktail party and who’s not excited to try out those chocolates we’ve got everywhere?

Your last chance to stuff those stockings:
Tuesday 9am – 8pm
and Wednesday 9am – 5pm

Happy holidays!![/caption]

The big Summer Sale!

August 13th, 2007

The Art of the Table elves have been busy at work the last few days – we’ve been preparing a sale table for you!

Okay so there are about 5 sale tables and each one is chock full of summer goods and other foods & candles and linens and serving pieces that we’re done showing but hope that you can still use!

While we were setting up, we were chatting about what great gifts these summer sale items could make. Remember how you’re always looking for something for your sister-in-law on her birthday in January…and she loves being outdoors on her deck all summer? and you can never find her that perfect something? Maybe this week you’ll find it, her gift – early – and at a great price, too!

We are featuring a $2 or less table, select paper products at 40% off and a mystery item each day that will knock your socks off. Take a chance to visit this week as next week it will be all over, and fall products will be in its place!

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