While we’re definitely not a full-service grocery store, we do proudly stock our shelves with a carefully curated selection of good eats, with an eye towards unique, small-batch, hard-to-find ingredients.



Over 150 of the products we carry are made or grown right here in Michigan (think xx honey, Patricia’s Chocolates, Koeze peanut butter, Zingerman’s pimiento cheese, Cherry Republic sauces and dried cherries, and Madcap coffee, to name a few), others travel a little farther to claim their spot on our shelves (Jeni’s ice cream, Stonewall Kitchen mixes and chutneys), and a few are truly international, like Italian pasta, harissa paste, olives, sea salt, or Marcona almonds.

What do they all have in common?
Well, for one, they’re all delicious, hands down.
For another, each has been personally chosen and vouched for by a staff member who’s passionate about authentic flavor.
And finally, they’re guaranteed to make the big and small moments of your life more memorable.