We love wine, even though it can seem tricky.
At Art of the Table, we think wine can be intriguing – not overwhelming – once you delve into the nuances, and we love to help you do just that.
We have wines to fit all budgets, and we’re happy to help you try a new grape, a new country, or a new style (if you want to!). Plus, we can pair your meal with your wine or your wine to a meal.

How do we do it?
We taste and read and talk about and analyze our selections of wine carefully. We mostly stock wines you’ve never heard of, though we never go out on pretention. We just seek out the best grapes from the best lands and the greatest people we can. Sometimes this means a Tuesday night Tempranillo for $7.90 and other times it means a gorgeous Chateauneauf-du-Pape for $100. From whites to rose, from reds to port and vermouth, bubbles & sherry, we’re happy to represent a great cross section. Most of all, we want you to be happy with the wines you take home. And, of course, we want you to come back for more!

To sweeten the deal, we always offer case discounts, special orders are welcome, and we host free wine tastings in the store every Thursday from 5-7pm.

Mystified by wine?
Come on in and ask us questions; we’re happy to answer them!

We’re lucky enough to live and work in a city that’s increasingly known as one of the best spots in the country for craft beer and cider, and we take full advantage.

Our vintage 1920s beer cooler is in ship shape due to a lot of elbow grease, and it’s full of over 200 beers and ciders. We’re proud of our ever-changing, seasonally appropriate selection, and you can always purchase single bottles of any brew you want. From porters to IPAs, seasonals to sours, our cooler stock runs the gamut of craft beers from the U.S. (including one ‘lawn mower’ beer selection) and beers from all over the world. The top row now boasts bombers and bigger, so grab a new one to try, or make your own custom six-pack.


As Michigan and other places in the world continue to bring on the cider, we continue to bring in the hard ciders! Our selection is quality, our prices are competitive and who can resist that darn handsome cooler, keeping things cold and bubbly? (If you want to drink it right when you get home, we won’t tell.) For both beer and cider, special orders (by the case) are welcome, and straight case discounts apply.

Our intimate selection of top shelf spirits is almost as fun to peruse
as it is to sip upon.


From scotch, gin, vodka and bourbon to crazy liquors like crème de Violette, Ricard and Cardinal Mendoza, we specialize in finding you rare and special bottles.

If you’ve read about the “it” cocktail of the season, stumbled upon a beverage in your travels, or tried something delicious at a restaurant you’re hoping to replicate at home, we are here to help you put the pieces together.

Whether you’re looking to make that fancy gin & tonic or simply want the non-drinkers at your table to feel cared for, we have what you need.


Every beverage store needs some delicious non-alcoholic options. We stock high quality choices of items like tonic, ginger beer, dry sodas, root beers and the like. We also sell a thoughtful selection of local tea and coffee, some from just down the street and others from northern Michigan.

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