Pinot Noir

18 Feb Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a finicky grape. It is a light-bodied grape and done well, it can be smooth and delicate. The flavor profile of Pinot Noir ranges from fruit-forward and plush to earthy, savory and complex.
Typical Pinot Noir fruit flavors include cherry, strawberry, and raspberry. Also look for:
-beautiful floral notes like violet or rose petal.
-herbal notes of rhubarb, beet, oregano, green tomato, or even green tea
-earthy and driven by the land from which it is grown (love that kind!)
-flavors of mushroom, earth, barnyard, truffle, leather and/or meat
Pinot Noir is the king of wines from Burgundy, France, but it is also a grape grown around the world, usually as a single varietal because it is such a ‘particular’ (read finicky) grape. Oregon is widely renowned for it’s Pinot Noir, but you can find lovely single varietals in the store from South Africa and California as well!